Wavex® Fast: OTA production line test

Wavex® Fast is an industrial OTA testing software developed independently by GTS, specifically designed as a solution for 5G (FR1) UE OTA production line testing. It can perform parallel testing on six devices and support various types of format testing such as 5G FR1, LET, WiFi (2.4g~5.8G), Bluetooth, GPS, with accurate results, stable performance, and user-defined testing supported.

Powerful function, updated in real-time

  • Frequency range of 600MHz-6GHz/7.2GHz (expandable)
  • Supports multiple instruments
  • Customizable testing according to user needs
  • User-friendly interface, displaying test data in real-time
  • Supports multi-language switching
  • Complete logging system with traceability of parallel testing details, allowing for quick error identification
  • Supports 1-to-6 parallel testing for Qualcomm and MTK (MT6833)
  • Supports format power and sensitivity testing: GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, LTE, 5G FR1, GNSS, Wi-Fi (2.4-5.8GHz)

Automated testing, efficient parallel processing

  • When importing a new model DUT, the software can automatically locate all antenna positions of the device, taking only 20 minutes.
  • Supports parallel testing on six DUTs.
  • One-click device calibration.
  • When the physical door is closed, testing will start automatically.
  • Supports self-diagnosis, eliminating the need for manual checks.

Accurate and stable results, reliable

  • Uses GTS's patented radiation aperture entrance plane scanning technology.
  • Can run stably for long periods of time.
  • Testing results are consistent with TRP in a large darkroom.