CATR mmWave OTA Test

CATR wireless communication OTA measurement and control software is independently developed by GTS. It fully complies with the latest testing specifications of CTIA and 3GPP and is regularly updated to provide users with real-time updates to ensure accurate and stable test results. It comprehensively supports testing requirements for various product stages including R&D testing, pre-certification, certification, and production line sampling. It provides a wide range of templates and setting options that can meet testing needs for fault tolerance, stability, flexibility, and smoothness.

Full-featured: Fully compliant with 3GPP and CTIA testing specifications

The architecture and settings of CATR wireless communication OTA testing and control software fully comply with 3GPP and CTIA testing standards. The software is upgraded in real-time according to the latest specifications, providing users with comprehensive testing functions.

Passive test:

  • BW
  • 2D/3D directional pattern
  • F/B
  • Gain
  • CPR
  • Dire
  • BP
  • Eff
  • Elec.Tilt
  • Pol
  • F.N.
  • FS
  • NF
  • SS

Active test:

  • Directivity
  • EIRP
  • EVM
  • TRP
  • PAR
  • EIS
  • ACLR
  • TIS
  • Single element testing
  • Single data throughput
  • amplitude,phase

Efficient and concise: Fully automated one-click testing

  • Supports three-dimensional testing, optional two-dimensional testing with a plane, and single point testing verification.
  • Supports the selection of the testing angle step size and testing configuration.
  • Supports the click-to-view of the test data for any point.
  • The software integrates a system calibration function and supports rich testing process settings to prevent disconnection, resume broken connections, and provide exception prompts, effectively improving the reliability and fluency of the measurements.
  • The original data and log management are comprehensive, and the testing process is solidified and unchangeable, and can be traced.
  • The batch processing function supports the creation of a task list to achieve unattended continuous testing.
  • The software comes with rich templates, and the preset parameter settings fully consider the characteristics of different instruments and platforms, with easy operation and effective prevention of misoperation.
  • The three-dimensional data display software provides direction chart rotation viewing and cutting functions at any angle, helping R&D engineers intuitively analyze and diagnose RF problems.