RayPact: mmWave OTA Test

RayPact wireless communication OTA measurement and control software is independently developed by Universal Test, fully complies with CTIA and 3GPP test specifications, and is upgraded accordingly to provide users with real-time updates to ensure accurate and stable test results. It fully supports the testing requirements of each product stage of “R&D testing – pre-certification – certification – production line spot check”, and provides rich templates and setting options that can meet the fault tolerance, stability, flexibility and fluency of testing.

Fully functional: fully compliant with 3GPP and CTIA test specifications

RayPact wireless communication OTA measurement and control software architecture and settings fully comply with 3GPP and CTIA test specifications. The software is updated in real time with the update of the specification, providing users with the most comprehensive testing functions:

Passive test:

  • Half beamwidth
  • 2D/3D pattern
  • Front to back ratio 
  • Gain
  • Cross Polarization Ratio 
  • Direction
  • Beam Pointing
  • Antenna Efficiency 
  • Electric downtilt range 
  • Polarization 
  • Upper first zero position 
  • Sidelobe level value 
  • Zero Fill
  • Sidelobe Suppression 

Active test:

  • Directivity
  • Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power
  • Vector Error
  • Total Isotropic Radiated Power 
  • Signal Peak-to-Average Ratio 
  • Effective Receive Sensitivity 
  • Adjacent Channel Leakage
  • Total Isotropic Receiver Sensitivity
  • Single element testing
  • Single data throughput
  • Antenna pattern 

Efficient and concise: fully automated one-click testing

  • Supports 3D testing, optional plane 2D testing and single-point testing verification.
  • Supports free choice of test angle step size and test configuration.
  • Click to view test data at any point is supported.
  • The software integrates the system calibration function, and supports a wealth of test process anti-drop, breakpoint continuous and abnormal prompt settings, effectively improving the reliability and fluency of the measurement.
  • The original data and log management are perfect, and the test process is unchangeable and traceable.
  • The batch function supports the establishment of task lists for unattended continuous testing.
  • The software has built-in rich templates, and the preset parameter settings fully consider the characteristics of different instruments and platforms. The operation is simple and effectively avoids misoperation.
  • The 3D data display software provides the function of rotating, viewing and cutting the pattern at any angle, helping R&D engineers to analyze and diagnose RF problems intuitively.