RayZone® 2800

Wireless terminal R&D level and certification level OTA test system

supporting 5G MIMO/SISO measurement

Product Description

RayZone® 2800,an all-in-one OTA testing system, is designed for 5G (Sub-6GHz)

device's antenna and SISO/MIMO OTA (Over-the-air) testing. RayZone® 2800 is the

world's first testing system which can execute the 4×4 MIMO OTA throughput test,

with the process taking merely 40 mins . RayZone 2800 is an ideal testing tool

for 5G device's R&D.

RayZone® 2800 supports most wireless testing standards, including2G/3G/4G/5G/Wi Fi, SISO/MIMO, GNSS, as well as the NB-IoT/Cat-M testing. Furthermore, its testing

software can be customized based on customer requirements.

With system level simulations, innovative absorbers, custom-designed antennas and

cutting-edge testing algorithms, the GTS minimizes system testing error, pursues

excellence in designing and manufacturing the test system. The RayZone® 2800

system can provide a certified-level accuracy.

Less than 3 cubic meters in size, RayZone® 2800 is suitable for normal offices

and laboratories. Its modular design makes the system easy to be installed and

relocated. The high quality EPP absorbers are environment-friendly, dust-free,

moisture-proof and have a life-time-warranty.

With certified-level accuracy, all-in-one testing capability, fast measurement speed, the RayZone® 2800sets the new benchmark for the OTA test systems.

Certification-level testing accuracy and long-term stable performance.

The ripple test SSD index of RayZone® 2800 completely meets the SISO certification requirements. In the MIMO OTA test system, low RCS measurement antennas are introduced for the first time, effectively reducing mutual interference between multiple probe antennas.

  • The reflection level in the test area is <-32dB, and the test error caused by dark room reflection is <0.2dB. The gain fluctuation within 100MHz bandwidth is <0.5dB.
  • The Raytest wireless communication OTA test software integrates research results in MIMO testing, achieving excellent error elimination and fast testing functions.

Supports 5G NR FR1 and is the first to provide 4x4 MIMO OTA testing.

The RayZone® 2800 basic system supports LTE 2x2 MIMO OTA throughput testing. Upgrades are available to support LTE 4x4 MIMO, 5G FR1 4x4 MIMO OTA testing, and 3D channel model testing through software upgrades. MIMO OTA testing is performed based on the RTS method, which has many advantages:

  • The hardware construction of the testing system is simple, and the construction and maintenance costs are low.
  • MIMO testing capability from 4G to 5G is improved, and 2D channel model testing to 3D channel model testing only requires external instruments and software upgrades.
  • The testing speed is fast.
  • It provides UE development engineers with more decomposed test results, which is beneficial for analyzing and troubleshooting problems, and optimizing MIMO throughput.


Quick OTA test

The testing method and algorithm invented by GTS fundamentally solve the problem of low testing efficiency, improving the SISO/MIMO OTA testing speed without sacrificing testing accuracy. With fast speed and high accuracy, the RayZone® 2800 testing system helps users improve the development efficiency of 5G terminals, and OTA testing time is no longer a bottleneck for research and development progress.

Miniaturized And Modular

The overall height of RayZone® 2800 is less than 3 meters, making it suitable for construction in ordinary offices and laboratories. In terms of construction, it adopts a modular design, building block-style assembly, and lightweight design concept, making the entire system easy to build and dismantle, shortening the construction period, and protecting the user's investment in large-scale testing systems.

Hardware emulation test

Decomposition test

The RayZone® 2800 testing system provides specialized testing tools such as "antenna pattern, correlation" and "fast scanning of full channel sensitivity" for development engineers. The RZ2800 testing platform performs decomposition testing of the device under test, thoroughly analyzing the impact of each component and factor related to the overall performance. This approach helps improve the overall performance of the device.

Wavex® Libra: Professional Antenna/OTA Test Software

  • Supports three-dimensional testing, optional two-dimensional testing on a plane, and single-point testing verification.
  • Supports free selection of test angle step and test configuration.
  • Supports click-to-view for any point test data.
  • The software integrates system calibration functions and supports rich test process anti-dropout, breakpoint resume, and exception prompt settings, effectively improving the reliability and smoothness of measurements.
  • Test raw data and log management is complete, and the test process is solidified and cannot be changed, and is traceable.
  • Batch processing function supports the establishment of task lists to achieve unmanned continuous testing.
  • The software comes with rich templates, and preset parameter settings fully consider the characteristics of different instruments and platforms, making it easy to operate and effectively avoiding operating errors.
  • The three-dimensional data display software provides direction graph arbitrary angle rotation browsing and cutting functions to help research and development engineers visually analyze and diagnose problems.