Wireless terminal R&D level and certification level OTA test system

supporting 5G MIMO/SISO measurement

Product Description

Innovative cabinet structure, clever asymmetrical 13-sided design

In the radiated near field, the indicators that characterize the overall performance of the mobile terminal, such as TRP, TIS, and the peak value of the antenna pattern are closely related. It can be measured accurately, and the total error of the measurement system is very similar to the radiated far-field. RZ1800 is the perfect realization of the above theoretical and engineering research results.

The RZ1800 creatively uses a 13-sided asymmetric box design, and through 180° corresponding conversion of some sampling points, only 12 antennas are used to skillfully achieve the 15° RF sampling angular density defined in the CTIA measurement specification. The asymmetric design realizes the dislocation arrangement of the measurement antennas in the box, thus maximizing the measurement path in a small space, and the ideal matching of the number and spacing of the antennas, avoiding the influence of the adjacent coupling of the antennas on the measurement. The RZ1800 achieves the same measurement performance as a large certified darkroom with one-fifth the size.

Low Dispersion Antenna

A low dispersion antenna is one of the key components of the OTA test system. RZ1800 adopts a low dispersion custom antenna to ensure the system achieves the best test accuracy.

  • Antenna operating frequency 400MHz–7.5GHz:
  • Antenna gain flatness ≤±0.25dB per 100M bandwidth ithe n full frequency range
  • Optimized antenna feed to improve standing wave performance
  • Modular design ensures consistent antenna performance, easy installation, and maintenance
  • Small size, integrated design with surrounding absorbing foam, achieving low scattering performance
  • Electrical properties: EPP has small dielectric constant, small surface reflection, uniform overall material, sufficient internal attenuation, and good wave absorption effect in the microwave frequency band.
  • Flame Retardant Properties: Meets UL94 HF-1 standard.
  • Oxygen Index: >27%.
  • Operating temperature: -50‒100°C for long-term, 120°C for short-term.
  • Environmental protection: The raw materials are non-toxic and tasteless, no harmful gas release, no dust.
  • Finished product: stable and RoHS compliant.
  • Physical properties: one-time compression molding, accurate size; uniform appearance color, can be customized color; good product stability, no deformation, maintenance-free for life.
  • Antenna operating frequency: 600MHz‒12GHz.
  • Antenna gain flatness in full frequency range: ≤±0.25dB.
  • Others: Optimized antenna feeding to improve standing wave performance; Modular design ensures consistent antenna performance, easy installation and maintenance; Small size, integrated design with surrounding absorbing foam, achieves low scattering performance.

Product Accuracy

RZ1800 provides an accurate test environment for antenna engineers to ensure that small antennas can obtain real and accurate antenna patterns in low-frequency bands with different poses. The following figure shows the test result of a standard passive antenna in RZ1800, which is consistent with the software simulation result.

The design of RZ1800has passed strict system-level hardware emulation, and it is perfect from appearance to every component. Adopt customized measurement antenna, broadband, low scattering, and low cross-polarization; EPP new wave absorbing material is laid, which is durable, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, and dust-free; fully transparent and customized fixture design can effectively reduce occlusion and improve measurement accuracy. It is precise because of the meticulous attention to detail that the test results of the RZ1800 are completely comparable to those of large-scale far-field test systems, which are not only consistent with laboratory simulation results but also have all the test functions of an expensive and bulky certified darkroom.

Product Advantages

RZ1800 is a product with a wide range of applications in the RZ series analog electromagnetic environment measurement system for general testing. It has powerful functions and rich configurations. It can provide the same test accuracy as a large darkroom and better test speed and consistency.

Based on the new measurement theory and system design, the RZ1800 adopts a unique asymmetric polygon design, which skillfully doubles the RF sampling points of the DUT, and perfectly achieves the ultimate balance between small space and full functions. RZ180 fully supports SISO OTA test, and can support radiation two-stage MIMO OTA throughput rate test only with pure software upgrade. It is a highly cost-effective RF pre-verification test system that complies with 4G/5G communication standards.

  • Support all mainstream communication standards
  • Supports all test items required by the standard
  • Support passive / active / human head test mode
  • Support 2D/3D pattern display
  • Support for Desense testing
  • Support rich instrument configuration
  • Provides rich commissioning information required for R&D
  • Provides RF sampling angular density up to 15°
  • Provide targeted DUT optimization plug-ins

Test Software

  • It supports 3D testing, 2D testing of the plane, and single point testing and verification.
  • The original test data and log management are perfect, and the test process is unchangeable and traceable.
  • The batch function supports the creation of task lists for unattended continuous testing.
  • The software has built-in rich templates, and the preset parameter settings fully consider the characteristics of different instruments and platforms. The operation is simple and effectively avoids misoperation.
  • The 3D data display software provides the function of rotating, browsing, and cutting the orientation diagram at any angle, helping R&D engineers to analyze and diagnose problems intuitively.
  • Supports free choice of test angle step size and test configuration.
  • Click to view test data at any point is supported.
  • Support rich test process to prevent disconnection, continuous breakpoint, and abnormal prompt
  • Setting, effectively improve the reliability and fluency of measurement.