GTS-RP Systems

Wireless terminal certification level supports 5G FR2 OTA test system

Product Description

GTS Solutions has broken through the traditional design of the reflector and feed system. The key indicator of quiet zone quality has been improved by 50% compared to traditional systems, and the measurable range is as high as 70% of the reflector area. The overall design of the measurement and control software, test instruments, links, and mechanical turntable enables collaborative operation, increasing testing efficiency by up to 60% compared to traditional dark rooms. The fusion design of absorbing materials, reflectors, feeds, and microwave darkrooms makes the new generation of compact ranges compact in internal structure, small in size, and easy to transport and install. The system is validated for quiet zone and dark room calibration before leaving the factory, and can be delivered and used immediately upon arrival at the customer site. The system turntable and link interfaces are open, allowing users to customize test cases to meet various millimeter wave testing needs. An efficient technical team provides 24/7 technical support domestically and internationally, and high-quality remote and on-site technical services ensure the smooth operation of the system, relieving customers of any worries.


Phase Centered Feeds

GTS has designed a wideband corrugated horn feed with low cross-polarization for angle measurements. The E-plane and H-plane phase center fluctuations are less than 5°, cross-polarization is less than -30dB in the 24-40GHz frequency range, and antenna standing wave ratio is less than 1.5.

Reflective surface with low edge scattering

Universal Test ingeniously integrates the reflective surface and the inner wall of the absorbing material of the box by nesting the absorbing edge outside the reflective surface, greatly reducing the influence of edge scattering of the reflective surface, increasing the proportion of the quiet zone, and improving the quality of the quiet zone.

High-precision, low-occlusion turntable for fast sampling

The Tight Field series is equipped with a multi-dimensional turntable that can move in azimuth, polarization, elevation, and translation according to user needs. To address the challenges of narrow beamwidth, long testing time, and turntable blocking commonly encountered in millimeter wave testing, General Test has improved and designed a high-precision, fast-sampling, low-blocking multi-dimensional turntable suitable for millimeter wave measurement.

Customized high-performance absorbing materials

The compact range system undergoes static zone verification, system pre-assembly, and debugging before delivery, allowing for quick installation and immediate use without the need for on-site adjustments. Each precision component in the system is carefully designed and arranged to optimize the use of space and minimize free space attenuation, addressing the challenges of large path loss in millimeter-wave testing. Moreover, the system provides ample upgrade space, including flexible fixture configurations and redundant link design, to meet the diverse testing needs of different DUTs.

Product Features

Test performance

The compact range system undergoes static zone verification, system pre-assembly, and debugging before delivery, allowing for quick installation and immediate use without the need for on-site adjustments.

Active phased array sweep test

Product testing capabilities

The millimeter wave compact range testing system consists of a compact range reflector and feed source, absorber materials and shielded enclosure, measurement instruments, switch matrix, mechanical turntable, and system control software. The RF link layout of the system is clear and reasonable. The series includes four types of products: RP600B/C, RP1000B/1500B, etc., to meet the testing needs of 5G NR.

Passive testing functions:

  • Antenna 1D/2D/3D gain/phase patterns
  • Directivity, efficiency
  • Beamwidth, beam pointing (boresight error)
  • Cross-polarization ratio, sidelobe level, null filling
  • Phased array antenna testing functions:
  • Phased array antenna unit amplitude and phase calibration

Active test function:

  • Max/Min output power
  • Occupy bandwidth
  • Radiation spurs
  • In-band emission
  • Equivalent Omnidirectional Sensitivity
  • Reference sensitivity
  • Coexistence spurs
  • Adjacent channel leakage suppression ratio
  • total radiated power
  • Reference sensitivity
  • frequency error
  • Error vector magnitude
  • carrier leakage
  • Throughput
  • Spectral emission mask

Test Software

  • Supports the free selection of testing angle steps and testing configurations.
  • Supports 3D testing, 2D testing on a plane, and single point testing validation.
  • Supports clicking on any point of testing data for viewing.
  • The software integrates system calibration functionality and supports rich testing process anti-disconnection, breakpoint reconnection, and exception prompt settings, effectively improving the reliability and fluency of measurements.
  • Test raw data and log management are well-established, and the testing process is solidified and cannot be changed, but it can be traced.
  • Batch processing functionality supports creating task lists and achieving unmanned continuous testing.
  • The software has built-in rich templates and preset parameter settings that fully consider the characteristics of different instruments and platforms. The operation is easy and effectively avoids misoperations.
  • The 3D data display software provides directional diagram arbitrary angle rotation and cutting functions, helping research and development engineers to visually analyze and diagnose problems.