Fields of application: millimetre wave satellites, phased array antennas,

millimetre wave radars, millimetre wave base stations, terminals, chip measurement

Product Description

GTS has solved this “neck” problem in the mass production of phased array radars by full closed-loop verification from theoretical foundation, system design, simulation experiments and product testing. The radar phased-array antenna rapid test system developed by the company has creatively solved the problem of batch testing of prototype products, the test accuracy meets the testing requirements of prototype products, and has passed the calibration and measurement of the national defence measurement unit.

Functional Performance

Test Functions

(1) Passive Test Functions

Antenna 1D/2D/3D gain/phase directional map, directivity, efficiency, cross-polarisation ratio, front-to-back ratio, sub-petal level, zero fill, beamwidth, beam pointing (aiming error), axis ratio, phase centre, etc.

(2) Active test functions

Active gain, G/T, EIRP, RF conformance, protocol conformance.

(3) Phased array antenna calibration

Tight field calibration method, rotation vector method.

Test Performance

The static zone performance of the RP system is one of the core indicators of the constriction field system. The RP system has the leading international static zone performance, and has the leading international / domestic core technology in system simulation design, feed source, reflective surface, absorbing material, turntable and static zone testing equipment.

The efficiency of the test system stems from a deep understanding of the user’s needs and the part under test, and a continuous improvement in test efficiency on the basis of meeting the customer’s test accuracy requirements, until the perfect balance of efficiency and accuracy is achieved.

Core Technologies

1. Phase-centered consistent feeds

Compared with the traditional corrugated horn feeder, General Test’s self-developed tight-field feeder has excellent performance in wide-angle cross-polarisation, with phase centre fluctuations of ≤5° in the E and H planes and standing waves of less than 1.5. In the overall system simulation, the system cross-polarisation test accuracy is nearly three times better and the phase test accuracy is about 20% better.

Corrugated horn probe with consistent phase centre

Corrugated horn with wide angle phase stability

2. Reflective surfaces with low edge scattering

The new wave-absorbing perimeter reflecting surface effectively reduces the scattering of electromagnetic waves from pure metal edges compared to the traditional serrated/rolled edge reflecting surface, weakening the interference of scattered waves to the static zone and thus improving the amplitude and phase uniformity of the accuracy, with the measured static zone performance exceeding the international advanced level, including a total phase change of 8°. At the same time, the new perimeter reflecting surface can use a smaller metal reflecting surface area to produce a larger static zone range, thus reducing the reflecting surface size requirements and reducing the weight of the reflecting surface.

Reflective surface for wave absorbing surrounds

3. Lightweight, low thermal expansion reflective surface

The new graphite reflective surface developed by GTS is approximately 50% lighter and has a coefficient of thermal expansion 1/10th that of aluminium alloy, significantly reducing reflective surface deformation due to gravity, thermal stress and temperature changes, and improving static zone performance.

4. Low scattering and high precision turntable

GTS mastered precision electromechanical technology, combined with system full-wave simulation, self-researched wave-absorbing materials and microsecond continuous triggering technology to ensure the mechanical accuracy of the system while reducing the turntable’s interference with the test area, with zero accumulation of forward and backward testing errors and nearly double the testing efficiency. The dimensionality, accuracy, range of motion and load-bearing capacity of the turntable can be customised according to requirements.

Low scattering high precision rotary tables

5.EPP high performance wave absorbing material

The EPP absorbing materials developed, produced and tested independently by General Test are made of environmentally friendly and durable EPP absorbing substrates; they adopt full wave simulation and optimised design to ensure the overall absorbing performance of the absorbing materials; the ultra-wide frequency and multi-incidence angle absorption rate testing technology ensures the quality and quality of each absorbing material; with excellent performance, its flame retardant performance meets the UL94 HF-1 standard, the wave absorbing performance is internationally leading, no powder falling off, no moisture absorption, and they are widely used in various application scenarios such as outdoor, clean room, PIM darkroom, OTA darkroom, etc.

6.High and low temperature test module

The RP1200 series can be fitted with an insulated wave cover for high and low temperature shock and cycling tests from -10 to 55°C. The heat-insulating wave-transparent cover can be adapted to the existing turntable with minimal user modification and can be disassembled flexibly without affecting the original test function.

Heat-insulating wave-transparent cover

7. Continuous trigger controller

The Continuous Trigger Controller uses microsecond real-time continuous trigger technology to synchronise the complex state and timing of the turntable, phased-array antenna, link, instrumentation and software for fast multi-frequency, multi-channel and multi-wavelength testing.

8.Automatic product loading and unloading technology

The robotic arm automatic loading and unloading system, quick release jigs and quick release connectors enable automatic loading and unloading of products, improving the overall efficiency and fault tolerance rate of product testing and reducing labour costs.

9.Comprehensive phased array antenna test guarantee

Phased array antennas usually require special power supply, water cooling and wave control during the development phase. GTS is experienced in phased array testing and can provide more complete and reliable solutions for power supply, water cooling and wave control of phased array antennas according to customer requirements.

10. Full-featured measurement and control software with high degree of intelligence

GTS has a professional software platform to bring users a smooth testing experience. The phased-array antenna test software provides perfect support for instrumentation devices and components under test, from calibration, burn-in, verification, testing, recording, analysis and uploading, etc. The open interface also enables one-click testing, enhancing the efficiency of the existing test process and the user experience.