Fields of application: millimetre wave satellites, phased array antennas,

millimetre wave radars, millimetre wave base stations, terminals, chip measurement

Product Description

Testing is a bottleneck for mass production, R&D, and maintenance of phased-array antenna products. Installation and testing of phased-array antenna products are time-consuming and laborious; test equipment covers an area of over 200 square meters and is more than 10 meters high, requiring a special site to accommodate it, which is difficult and costly to build in large quantities. How to use limited space to test phased-array antennas quickly, in volume, and accurately has become a challenge for the widespread use of phased-array products in the defense and aerospace sectors.

General Test (GTS) has solved this “neck” problem in the mass production of phased array radars by providing full closed-loop verification from a theoretical basis, system design, simulation experiments, and actual product testing. The radar phased array antenna rapid test system developed by GTS is a creative solution to the problem of batch testing of prototype products, the test accuracy meets the requirements of the prototype product testing, and the system is calibrated and measured by the national defense metrology unit.

Product Features

High testing efficiency

The test system is designed through the overall joint design of the measurement and control unit, software, wave control test box, turntable, and instrumentation to achieve microsecond real-time control functions, as well as the coordinated work and rapid testing of each equipment and instrument. The test system can be continuously scanned at one time to complete multi-beam (wave position), multi-frequency, and multi-channel tests through real-time trigger control, improving test efficiency. The adapter jig for connecting equipment on the turntable has been designed for fast clamping, and the power, control, and RF cables connecting the tested parts have also been designed for fast docking, improving the efficiency of loading and unloading the tested parts and shortening the test time.

High testing accuracy

The test system is optimized for high-precision test items (zero depth, slope, pointing accuracy, etc.) in phased-array antenna testing, realizing high-precision testing of phased-array antennas and differential beam direction maps. General Test (GTS) can simulate and design the overall system of tight field and high precision mounting, and all key components and system software are developed independently. It can ensure high precision testing of phased array antenna-related products, and at the same time, the performance of the system and each component meets the technical agreement requirements. After the overall system simulation, design, positioning, and commissioning, the test system ensure the consistency of the overall structure coordinate system and the test coordinate system, and the performance of the differential beam test is optimized.

Full system functionality

(1) Test items supported include channel self-test, amplitude,and phase calibration, zero-depth test, directional map test, EIRP test, active receive gain test, G/T value test, slope test, rotary zero adjustments, beam pointing test, etc.

(2) The test system can automatically control the product under test, provide power supply and liquid cooling for the product under test, and is compatible with different types of products in X, Ku, and Ka bands.

(3) It supports automatic switching of transmission and reception, multi-frequency, multi-beam (wave position), and multi-channel testing capabilities, and has the function of testing the transmitting and receiving states of the antenna (automatic switching of the transmission and reception system), with good scalability.

(4) The turntable can achieve three-dimensional high-precision rotation and can complete two-dimensional and three-dimensional directional map and pointing accuracy testing.

(5) The test system can realize the functions of radome transmission efficiency, aiming error, near-zone sub-flap level raising, far-zone RMS sub-flap level raising, mirror wave flap level, differential directional map zero depth level raising, etc.

(6) The measurement and control software can display the test curve in real-time, and the data analysis software can realize the analysis of secondary parameters such as the directional map, and embed the measurement and control software to realize the automatic generation of accompanying files and data upload.

High system redundancy

The centralized tube test system for multiple systems combines system full-wave simulation and general-purpose testing (GTS) independently developed high phase-coherent feeds, absorbing perimeter reflective surfaces and high precision, high-reliability multi-dimensional turntables, with a tight field system whose static zone performance and static zone reflective surface ratio are ahead of international standards, and the redundant design of the static zone performance ensures the reliability of the test system. The use of advanced instrumentation and high dynamic range link design ensures high accuracy and reliability of data acquisition. Control, equipment sharing, logistics management, and data interaction can be achieved with the production line operation and control platform interface.


(1) High precision integrated system design: including electrical coordinate system, reflective surface (feeder) coordinate system, measured part coordinate system (turntable), calibration coordinate system, etc., high-performance feeder and reflective surface joint design, from the design end to ensure the final system test accuracy.

(2) The core area is made of imported honeycomb high power-resistant absorbing material and the non-core area is made of new EPP rigid foam absorbing material, which is completely independent of temperature and humidity, and service life.

(3) The temperature and humidity control system with a specially designed anti-vibration foundation ensures the long-term stability of the system hardware structure.

(4) High-performance EPP reflecting surface, low cross-polarisation feeders, and new absorbing materials improve the performance of the quiet zone and control the size of the dark room.

Good user experience

(1) Professional test software based on our mature software platform, perfect support for instrumentation equipment and parts under test, from calibration, leveling, writing, verification, testing, recording, analysis, uploading, and other functions in one, comprehensively improve the efficiency of the existing test process and the experience of use.

(2) Centralised control of multiple systems, equipment sharing, logistics management, and data interaction can be achieved with the production line operation control platform.