Wireless terminal certification level supports 5G FR2 OTA test system

Product Description

Keytest RN200 OTA test system is mainly used in 5G wireless terminal and millimeter wave radar transceiver performance test. Keytest RN200 provides a complete set of “platform + test system” solution, providing a general software platform and cloud service platform that are convenient for engineers to develop Signal processing and algorithm testing.

The system integrates an arbitrary vector signal generator (VSG), an arbitrary vector signal analyzer (VSA), and supports passive testing, active testing, spectrum testing, S21 testing and signal quality analysis functions. The system can expand the amplitude and phase calibration and target simulation functions of millimeter-wave radar/modules. The software provides users with a convenient development platform, enabling the entire test system to allow users to perform relevant tests according to their own needs.


High integration

The entire system integrates millimeter-wave cabinets, instruments, links and controls, reducing the complexity of system construction. The entire system functions include passive test, active test and RF index test (turning the system into an instrument), and can be extended to millimeter wave phase calibration function test and radar target simulation function in the future. It has completed the integrated testing requirements of the entire millimeter-wave wireless terminal from antenna testing to complete machine R&D testing. It is a simple “tool” for millimeter-wave terminal design engineers to debug, verify and measure performance. At the same time, the integrated integrated design improves the test accuracy index of the entire test system, making the entire system index better than the traditional box + instrument combination mode.

Flexible configuration

The test function can be flexibly configured. According to different users and different test requirements, different test modes can be configured for users, which supports users to use passive, active, radio frequency and other test functions independently, reducing the integration and integration of system redundancy functions. pay expenses


The integrated instrument is a universal instrument, which can realize the basic functions of spectrum, network division and signal analyzer. On the premise of ensuring system test indicators, it can meet the basic test needs of users, reduce the redundant functions and costs of existing instruments, and improve the performance of the instrument. cost-effectiveness of the entire system.

Compact shape

The weight of Keytest RN200 is less than 100kg, and the overall dimensions of the box are 620mm×945mm×705mm (W×H×D), which can be placed on the laboratory table, which is convenient for engineers to debug and verify.

Patented reflective surface design

The serrated edge of the internal reflection surface of the Keytest RN200 is designed with an absorbing edge to improve the performance of the quiet zone. The amplitude variation of the entire quiet zone is less than ±1dB, and the phase variation is less than ±5°.

Test Software

The millimeter-wave test software of Ruixi is independently developed by Universal Test based on the .NET Framework platform, fully complies with the 3GPP measurement specifications, and will be upgraded in real time as the specifications are updated. The software has a wide range of applications, flexible function configuration, smooth testing process, and stable and reliable operation.

  • Set up different test functions for different users
  • RF link loss supports one-click calibration and local import
  • The test data supports 3D modeling, and supports rotating browsing at any angle
  • The software supports parallel testing of multiple systems