Wireless terminal quality inspection level

supports 5G FR2 OTA test system

Product Description

RC200 is a small reverberation room system, which can be used with ODC100/200 to realize the absolute and relative power test of the transmission and reception of small wireless terminals. The system is suitable for testing small DUTs such as ordinary mobile phones or tablets ( about 10 inches), the external dimensions do not exceed X×Y×Z≤1m³, and can be safely placed on the desktop of an ordinary desk. It can be placed on the desktop for testing, the test frequency is 0.6G-6GHz, and it supports non-signaling tests of 2G/3G/4G/5G (FR1), WIFI, Bluetooth, and other standards.

The whole system consists of test software (x86/x64 platform), a test instrument (GTS-ODC100/200), and a reverberation room cabinet. Users can perform software operations such as system configuration, test control, and function update; the supporting instrument ODC100/ 200, with a maximum bandwidth of 200MHz, fully supports RF transceiver performance testing, and the system does not need to connect to other instruments.


The ODC VSG/VSA developed by Universal Test for vector signal generation and analysis is ideal for 5G FR1 non-signaling testing. Parallel multiple RF input/output channels significantly improve test efficiency and greatly reduce test costs. The interface is open to generating and analyzing customized arbitrary signal waveforms.

  • Frequency: 0.6–6GHz (7.2GHz optional)
  • Signal bandwidth: 100–200MHz (upgradeable to 400MHz)
  • Multi-channel parallel: 6 RF ports, 1 calibration port
  • High precision: Tx±0.25dB, Rx±0.25dB
  • Waveform: CW/LTE/WIFI/GPS/5G NR
  • Rx dynamic range: 10–60dBm
  • Tx dynamic range: 5–80dBm
  • Heat dissipation and structural integration
  • Dimensions (mm): 380×350×68