Wireless terminal quality inspection level

supports 5G FR2 OTA test system

Product Description

The test speed is fast and simple, the long-term use performance is stable

The RC1100 reverberation chamber consists of reflective metal walls, a turntable, and horizontal and vertical stirrers. Various reflections form a multi-path reflection environment in the reverberation chamber. Through the movement or rotation of the turntable and the stirrer, the electromagnetic fields in it are superimposed from all directions, which is mathematically expressed as the superposition of plane waves in all directions, and the static state in the mathematical sense is realized. Area.

Since a statistically uniform field is formed in the test area of the reverberation room, there is no need to specify the position and direction of the DUT during the test process, which makes the test process of the reverberation room simple and the test accuracy can be guaranteed. The professional requirements need not be too high.

Product Advantages

Customized on demand

Can be customized by site to achieve maximum quiet zone in limited space.

Precise measurement

The general test starts from the principle and proposes a five-axis stirring reverberation chamber, which greatly improves the test accuracy. In addition to the turntable, horizontal and vertical stirrers that can be rotated, the horizontal and vertical stirrers can also be moved to improve field uniformity.


Completely domestic products, key components are independently developed, especially probe antennas, core algorithms, etc.

High-performance software platform

The system adopts a high-performance software platform to achieve high flexibility and stability according to the principle of “high cohesion, low coupling”.

Test Software

  • Supports rich test process anti-drop and abnormal prompt settings, effectively improving the reliability and fluency of measurement.
  • The batch function supports the creation of task lists for unattended continuous testing.
  • Supports free choice of test angle step size and test configuration.
  • Supports viewing of test data at any point.
  • The original test data and log management are perfect, and the test process is unchangeable and traceable.
  • The software has built-in rich templates, and the preset parameter settings fully consider the characteristics of different instruments and platforms. The operation is simple and effectively avoids misoperation.