Production Line Test Series

Wireless terminal production one-stop RF OTA test system


Ten years of technical achievements, operation and maintenance are guaranteed, and technology is more assured

One-stop test system

PinProbe® M1 is a one-stop (Turnkey) solution for OTA testing of production lines, which solves the problems of long introduction time, low test efficiency and high false detection rate of traditional test equipment through GTS’s self-developed radiation aperture near-field plane scanning technology. Seamless line changeover, new product introduction time shortened by 90%, efficiency increased by 3-6 times, and test accuracy up to 99.9%. Fully automated production is supported, with components selected according to requirements.

ODC parallel testing

The high-precision test board independently developed by GTS can support multiple parallel RF test channels, and the test efficiency is significantly improved.

Wavex® Fast 

Support automatic introduction of new products, antenna debugging, open architecture, easy expansion and integration, support CPK, yield statistics.


The test results were well correlated with large anechoic TRP. Automatic search of antenna position, no manual debugging, cost-effective

No debugging

The automatic introduction of new products eliminates the need for manual debugging, saving engineers at least 2 weeks of debugging time

High precision

The test results of the radiation aperture near-field plane scanning principle are consistent with the TRP trend of the standard large anechoic chamber, and the accurate test and leading testing technology escort the quality of the user’s products

Full coverage

Includes high-precision test board ODC, no external instrument required. Multi-standard one-stop test, the traditional solution requires at least two stations of testing, and the station process is greatly optimized


PinProbe® M1 supports the frequency band 0.6GHz~6GHz, which can be used to test 2/3/4/5G, Wi-Fi, BT, GPS and other standards


Shielding box parameters

external dimensions(L×W×H)

695×695×800(H:1245mm cabinet included)

degree of shielding


operating frequency


ODC200 parameters

operating frequency




Rx power dynamic range


Tx power dynamic range





max 200MHz