Satellite communication radar phased array antenna test system

High and low frequency phased array antenna testing for all small, medium and large apertures

Phased array multi-wavelength rapid test system RaySpirit® 8000

SISO/MIMO OTA certified test says medium to large, multi-wavelength phased array, spherical near-field, fast and high-precision testing

  • 1.5m large aperture millimeter wave phased array test
  • Near-field G/T value, EIRP, directional map, phase center full function test
  • Multi-wave position, multi-beam, multi-frequency point fast test
  • Subtle timing control system for the fastest sampling speed
  • Measure antenna cross-polarisation down to -40dB
  • Gapless, high-precision curved track with 0.02° scanning accuracy
  • Easy, fast and accurate horizontal mounting of the test piece

Phased Array Rapid Calibration Test System RayVerse® 2700/3700

Compact, multi-wavelength phased-array, fast calibration test one-stop

  • Microsecond timing control for up to 10 times more efficient calibration than conventional methods
  • Wide scanning range and high cross-polarisation
  • High test accuracy and comprehensive test functions
  • Fast testing speed, the single point sampling time of only 1~2ms
  • Multi-frequency, multi-channel and multi-wavelength fast testing
  • International top-level wide-angle low cross-polarisation corrugated horn probe
  • Easy installation, no need for precise alignment

Phased Array Rapid Calibration Test System RayVerse® 10KP

One-stop system for ultra-large, multi-wavelength phased-array calibration tests

  • 4m large aperture millimeter wave antenna test system with integrated unit calibration and array testing
  • High precision scanning mechanical system to meet the testing requirements of the frequency band below 110GHz
  • Use of multi-probe continuous trigger technology to improve the test speed
  • Horizontal placement and easy installation of the active phased array under test
  • Automatic mechanical deformation detection for long-term monitoring of test system hardware stability
  • Innovative planar near-field scanning method for phased array unit calibration

Phased Array Radar Antenna Test System RP1200

Suitable for phased array antennas up to 700mm aperture, frequency range 2 to 110GHz

  • The ability to develop, design, manufacture and test systems, technologies and components in-house to ensure the quality of the test system
  • Simultaneous multi-frequency, multi-channel and multi-wavelength testing in one scan
  • Tight field calibration technology, eliminating probe movement time and phased array antenna calibration efficiency
  • Support for mass production of phased-array radars, high degree of automation
  • Independent control of system hardware and software, open interfaces and user-defined extensions

Low frequency conical darkroom DT14KT

Economical low frequency far field test system

  • Cost-effective, low cost, and small footprint for low-frequency antenna testing
  • Antenna design with original EPP absorbing material co-simulation
  • Supports operation in the low-frequency satellite communication band from 0.2 to 0.4 GHz and is compatible with higher frequency bands up to around 12 GHz
  • 3~5 times faster than traditional step test
  • Smooth and stable operation of the measurement and control software, simple and intuitive interface, easy to use
  • Support antenna passive performance, U/V active test, BeiDou RDSS active test
  • Position and polarisation axis rotation accuracy ≤±0.1°, maximum speed 15′/sec