Wireless terminal production-level OTA test system supporting

5G MIMO/SISO measurement

GTS-PinProbe M1

OTA production line test system

  • Support 2/3/4/5G, WiFi, BT band Tx Power, RSSI, sensitivity, frequency offset, bit error rate, GPS CNR one-stop testing
  • Support multiterminal parallel testing, the system supports up to 1 drag 6 at the same time
  • Support mobile phones, smart watches, tablets, smart charging piles and other multi-antenna wireless communication equipment testing
  • Including test software platform, support direct pass rate, CPK and other statistical analysis, adapt to MES system interface

GTS-PinProbe M6

5G FR1 OTA production line test system

  • Comprehensive band & standards coverage 600MHz~6GHz & 5G NR (FR1), LTE, WiFi
  • Innovative technology: parallel multi-antenna OTA testing(patented ODC method)
  • High efficiency: DUT loaded once, tests for multi-antenna and multi-mode can be done
  • High confidence: test results correlate with TRP test
  • High reliability: system-level self-test & online self-test
  • Wide DUT compatibility: suitable for various multi-antenna UEs, cellphone, smartwatches, PDAs
  • Customizable design for manufacturing: manual or pneumatic operation etc.