World's first MIMO 4×4 OTA using radiation two-step method

With the advent of the 5G era, in order to meet the network requirements of large bandwidth, high speed and low delay, the terminal will introduce up to 4 antennas to receive downlink signals (ie MIMO technology). MIMO OTA is to test the data transmission speed (throughput rate) of mobile phones in a controlled environment (microwave anechoic chamber), and is an essential test method for the research and development of high-performance multi-antenna mobile phones.

On the evening of August 19, US time, Shenzhen General Test System Co., Ltd. (GTS) successfully completed the MIMO 4×4 throughput test in San Diego using the Radiation Two-Step Method (RTS), which verified the solution of LTE terminals under different channel models. adjust performance. This is the first time a 4-antenna phone has been tested for throughput in an OTA test system.The OTA test system of GTS is a reliable and cost-effective MIMO OTA test platform. The success of this test verifies the test feasibility for 5G Sub 6 100MHz MIMO OTA.

About the RTS method

The RTS method jointly proposed by GTS and Keysight has been incorporated into an international standard by 3GPP (see page 6 of 3GPP R4-1705935). The OTA test system based on the RTS method can not only complete the MIMO throughput test, but also provide sufficient diagnostic information for R&D engineers. It has the advantages of small test uncertainty, simple measurement system construction, and easy calibration.

About the RayZone 2800 Test System

The All-In-One fast OTA measurement system independently developed and designed by GTS supports MIMO testing of LTE and 5G Sub 6GHz.