Technical report | Principle, and application of wireless air interface testing technology

OTA testing has become a standardized wireless performance evaluation method such as 3GPP and CTIA. General Testing Dr. Li Jun was invited by Xidian University and Xi'an Key Laboratory of Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Technology to give an academic report on "The Principle and Application of Wireless Air Interface Testing Technology". The report introduces the principles and challenges of OTA testing technology, as well as the technical accumulation and research progress of general testing in the field of OTA testing.

In the report, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on OTA testing technology. With the maturity and popularization of millimeter-wave technology, the lack of easy-to-use and easy-to-obtain OTA test systems has become a major problem restricting millimeter-wave applications. The millimeter-wave integrated test system Keytest RN200A independently developed by Universal Test has the characteristics of "small volume, large quiet zone, and multi-function". It is a complete solution for teaching and scientific research, terminal design, debugging verification and performance measurement for millimeter-wave technology.