"Mangosteen" is rampant, and the delivery is on schedule

"Mangosteen" cannot stop Shenzhen people from going to work, nor can it delay the fast-paced delivery of GTS products. The strongest typhoon "Mangosteen" struck, and the epic pictures of Shenzhen office workers tenaciously crossing the "Jungle" road to go to work exploded the circle of friends of the people across the country, and vividly interprets the rich connotation of "Shenzhen Spirit". Similarly, the rampant "mangosteen" has not stopped the progress of universal testing.

Recently, a total of 3 sets of RayZone-2800 OTA test systems have been obtained through strict and fierce bidding this year from well-known mobile phone brands occupying the industry's focus. The first set of systems has been installed and calibrated at the Shenzhen R&D Center, and has been successfully delivered to customers for actual operation.

RayZone-2800 is a new generation of All-in-One high-performance antenna/OTA test system launched by Universal Test at the end of 2017 for the R&D requirements of mobile terminals. Nearly 20 sets have been installed in a few months. In terms of hardware configuration, software functions, system indicators, adaptation scenarios, and technical services, it far exceeds similar products in the industry, "seckills" similar foreign brand products, and adds luster to "Made in China". This excellent and successful bid, recognized by users, is a testament to the excellent quality of the RayZone-2800.

At the end of 2017, after nearly two years of R&D design and strict inspection and testing, the general test launched a new generation of RayZone-2800 pre-certification test system based on its star product RayZone-1800 according to industry needs and future technological development needs. In terms of hardware, RayZone-2800 still adopts the special-shaped box design which has great advantages in reducing the reflection of the darkroom. At the same time, it fully upgrades the low RCS measurement probe set required by the multi-probe system. The darkroom continues to use the revolutionary EPP rigid foam produced by itself. Absorbing material, no moisture absorption / odorless / no dust / high mechanical strength / long life, to ensure the stability of darkroom performance. At the same time, the RF channel supports 2×2 and 4×4 MIMO OTA test (RTS method), and the hardware is compatible with future 5G test requirements such as Sub6GHz. The software still uses the MaxSign 100 test software developed and maintained by general testing for decades. It has full functions and stable operation, widely supports relevant domestic and foreign instrument models, and has passed the CTIA test certification. The working space of RayZone-2800 only needs more than ten square meters. It has many advantages, such as flexible placement, support for all formats, wide test frequency coverage (supports 400MHz frequency band), modular design, fast on-site installation/disassembly deployment, high test accuracy, and fast test speed. Well received by customers. In addition to mainland China, it has been successfully sold to overseas high-end markets such as the United States and Taiwan.