GTS and Galaxy Highlights Launch 5G OTA Test Solution

On September 29, 2019, Shenzhen General Test System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GTS") and Beijing Galaxy Highlights Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Galaxy Highlights") jointly launched a 5G NR terminal OTA test solution. The solution is based on the GTS multi-probe OTA test system RayZone-2800 and the Galaxy Spotlight 5G terminal comprehensive tester SP9500-CTS, which can provide 5G terminal enterprises with a reliable environment for R&D testing and product 5G OTA performance verification.

RayZone2800 is an "All-in-One" high-end darkroom test system launched by GTS in early 2018 for OTA/antenna testing of mobile terminals. Through specially designed shield structure and layout, low RCS probe antenna set, broadband high flatness RF link, new generation of hard EPP absorbing material, inner shielding one-dimensional turntable and other structural optimization and the use of excellent components, it can be used in three meters square. The test measurement accuracy and fast test speed can be achieved in the space of certification level. With the universal testing MaxSign 100 professional OTA testing software, RayZone2800 fully supports 5G Sub6GHz SISO/MIMO OTA testing, and has 2×2 and 4×4 3D MIMO OTA testing capabilities.

SP9500-CTS is a high-performance 5G comprehensive tester independently developed by Galaxy Highlights for the fifth-generation mobile communication testing needs. It can be widely used in terminal R&D, testing, certification, and post-maintenance. SP9500-CTS has high-speed baseband processing capability and high-density RF module design, including a complete 5G protocol stack, which can simulate the establishment of end-to-end communication between 5G base stations and terminals to verify the corresponding signaling functions, and can also test and measure compliance with the latest 3GPP standards Required terminal RF characteristic test, and extended support for OTA, power consumption, business, card interface and other test application scenarios.

OTA test is an important test item for 5G terminal function and performance verification. At present, the GTS OTA test system has completed the integrated debugging of hardware and software with Galaxy Spotlight SP9500-CTS, and has provided a stable and efficient 5G OTA test turnkey solution for a variety of 5G terminals in the industry.

About the RTS method

Founded in 2012, GTS is a national high-tech enterprise and software enterprise. Headquartered in Shenzhen, with offices in the United States. GTS focuses on the complete solution of OTA (Over The Air, generally refers to the wireless performance) testing of wireless communication products. The company has unique theoretical accumulation and rich engineering experience in many fields such as high-precision small OTA rapid test system, RF measurement components, new EPP absorbing materials, information processing, software engineering, etc., and has successfully launched a series of new test systems that are widely welcomed by the market. GTS is the international standard proposer of the 3GPP RTS MIMO OTA test method. The products have passed the CTIA standard certification of the United States for many times, and are exported to North America, South Korea, Taiwan and other international markets in large quantities.

About Galaxy Highlights

Galaxy Highlights was established in 2001, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of mobile communication test equipment, with test technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, and won the special prize of the 2016 National Science and Technology Progress Award. At present, Galaxy Highlights wireless testing solutions have been put into use in many operators, certification agencies and terminal chip companies around the world.