General test: boosting the high-quality development of the private economy with technological innovation

According to data from the State Administration for Market Regulation: From 2012 to 2021, the number of private enterprises in my country increased from 10.857 million to 44.575 million, quadrupling in 10 years, and the proportion of private enterprises in the total number of enterprises increased from 79.4% to 92.1%. % has played an important role in stabilizing growth, promoting innovation, increasing employment, and improving people's livelihood, and has become an important force in promoting economic and social development. Technological self-reliance and self-improvement are the keys to high-quality economic development. Universal Testing has always adhered to original innovation, helping the development of the private economy to continuously reach a new level. Since its establishment in 2012, Universal Testing has never forgotten its original intention, based on technology and commitment to innovation. Here, I would like to share with you the innovation and entrepreneurship story of Academician Qi Yihong, chairman of General Testing, and his team.

Participate in the upsurge of innovation and entrepreneurship, from theoretical breakthroughs to products to the international market

Academician of the National Academy of Inventors of the United States, academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, member of the founding team of BlackBerry mobile phone hardware, inventor of modern smartphone antennas, has more than 500 patents and papers worldwide, patents and technologies are widely used in mobile terminals... These honors are very dazzling, As for Qi Yihong, he saw that the sky was light, and he resolutely chose to return to China. In addition to his family and country feelings, he was also optimistic about China's future development and prospects.

Returning to China to start a business: "Academician-level partners" form a group to return to China as "officers"

In 1995, Qi Yihong, who was a visiting scholar at McMaster University in Canada, was invited to join RIM, a BlackBerry manufacturer, to specialize in research and development. During the 15-year service period, he witnessed RIM's development from a small company with 25 people. Step to the top of the industry pyramid. The mobile phone development behind this all has the figure of Qi Yihong.

In 2005, the research and development of BlackBerry smartphones entered a critical stage. Qi Yihong uses multi-resonant antenna technology to build the antenna at the bottom of the mobile phone and solves the problem of safety and high radiation in one fell swoop. This invention not only brought at least 200 million US dollars of patent income to RIM in two years but also rewrote the industrial standard of the world's mobile phone antenna industry. Since then, almost all smartphones have adopted the "antenna down" layout.

In 2010, Qi Yihong retired from BlackBerry, resolutely returned to China, organized a team to prepare a project, and planned to reinvent the world in the basic theory of wireless technology.

In 2012, Shenzhen General Test System Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Shenzhen. The original intention of starting a business is to transform theoretical breakthroughs into innovative products and has gathered top experts in related fields such as communications, electromagnetic fields and antennas, and electromagnetic materials. The team began to gather together for technology research and development before returning to China. In the same year, they returned to China with a relatively mature cutting-edge innovative technology research result, started a business, and turned the research and development results into products in China.

In 2014, the general testing team participated in the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Shenzhen Division) with a sub-project of the R&D results and won the first prize. In the same year, Universal Test proposed the Radiated Two-Stage Method (RTS) and participated in the drafting of the national 4G LTE MIMO measurement standard.

In 2017, the leading PIM test in a low noise environment was approved by the IEEE standard. In the same year, RZ products entered Taiwan.

In 2018, the MIMO test method with completely independent intellectual property rights, the one-radiation two-step method (RTS), successfully entered the 3GPP test standard. (Related link: Good News丨The world's first MIMO 4×4 OTA test using radiation two-step method)

In 2019, the company participated in the "Mass Entrepreneurship, Mass Innovation" (Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Week) activity, and Premier Keqiang delivered a speech. In the same year, Dr. Qi Yihong was elected as a member of the National Academy of Inventors.

In 2020, General Testing was approved to set up a postdoctoral innovation practice base.

In 2021, General Testing will be rated as a national-level specialized, special, and new key "little giant" enterprise, and a provincial/municipal-level engineering technology research center.

Settled in Shenzhen: Shenzhen's most innate innovative genes

Returning to China to start a business: "Academician-level partners" formed a group to return to China. "Gan, this team returned to China to start a business with innovative technology projects with the world's top core technologies, and olive branches were offered to them from all over the country. Why did you choose Shenzhen and set your heart to take root? Qi Yi Hong replied, "Shenzhen is different from other cities. The government and entrepreneurs come for 'innovation' and have a consensus. The atmosphere created by this consensus cannot be replicated. Here, the government provides an illuminating lamp for enterprises in the front, and silently supports and accompanies them in the back, so that enterprises can move forward freely according to their ideas and routes. The government has a 'moisturizing and silent' attitude towards enterprises, and he felt from his heart that the government is nurturing and accompanying the growth of enterprises.

Ambition: The company's output value will achieve an explosive leap

It is in such an innovative and entrepreneurial environment that General Testing has developed rapidly, and in 2013, it has become the first OTA testing system supplier in China to obtain international certification; so far, Universal Testing has applied for more than 100 patents and has nearly 100 patents. There are 90 domestic and international authorized patents, and the number of invention patents accounts for more than 2/3; the mobile and compact OTA rapid measurement system pioneered by Universal Test has surpassed imported test equipment in an all-round way, and facilitated the process of localization of high-tech products. Not only domestic top terminal manufacturers are using the test system for general testing, as the first Chinese brand in the segment to enter the international market including the United States, Britain, South Korea, etc., world-renowned top companies such as Google, Qualcomm , Facebook, etc. are using the test system of the universal test.

Qi Yihong revealed that the OTA test market is in great demand now, but the company is still controlling the production and sales of products, because they are still accumulating energy, and they need to innovate and upgrade existing products, and some cutting-edge scientific research results are still transformation test. In recent years, the company's output value will also achieve an explosive leap.

Qi Yihong said, "5G will benefit all mankind, and the general test should create a 'Chinese ruler' of the 5G international test standard." It should be said that the universal test is not only a technical success, but also a personal entrepreneurial success, but also a success story in the context of the rise of China!

"Entering a new stage of development, the private economy has a huge space for development and is full of opportunities, and private enterprises have a broad stage and great potential. The reform of "delegating power, delegating power, improving regulation, and improving services" will take greater steps and help the private economy move towards a broader stage with practical actions. It can fully stimulate the vitality of the society and help China's economic ships sail steadily and far." In the future, General Testing will seize the opportunities in the new era, and use technological innovation as the cornerstone to help the high-quality development of the private economy.