GTS Dr. Fred.Yu won the "IEEE Technical Achievement Award"

"2018 IEEE International and Asia-Pacific Electromagnetic Compatibility Joint Conference and Exhibition" was held in Singapore from May 14th to May 17th and was a complete success. The General Testing (GTS) delegation participated in this industry event and won many honors.

The Radiated Two-Stage (RTS method), which can be used for 4G and 5G MIMO OTA testing, has been officially recognized as a test standard by the 3GPP standards organization. As the author of this international standard, the GTS has played a leading role and made a great contribution to the research on RTS methods. The IEEE Society presented the "IEEE Technical Achievement Award" to Dr. Fred.Yu for GTS, which recognizes innovations in the fields of computing, information science, engineering, or computer technology, and contributions to advancing technology in the field.

Not only that, the general test delegation also hosted and participated in 1 workshop and 3 special sessions related to 5G antenna measurement.

At the conference, the Chinese delegation published a total of 178 papers, of which 7 papers were contributed by the general test.

It is not accidental to obtain various honors. It is inseparable from the fact that since its establishment, GTS has always focused on technology research and development, focused on innovation, and focused on creating value for customers.

With the advent of the 5G era, the general test is based on comprehensive advantages in measurement theory, electromagnetic environment, basic components and materials, test algorithms, system integration, etc., in the fields of millimeter wave, phased array antenna, high-power antenna measurement and other fields Keysight, Google, Qualcomm and other world-class companies and domestic defense bases and aerospace research institutes have carried out extensive cooperation.

Continuing the past, forging ahead and forging ahead, GTS will work together with industry peers to realize the great Chinese dream!