First GTS certified OTA chamber settled in South Korea

On June 19, 2016, General Test Systems completed the construction of the CTIA-certified OTA test chamber, RayZone 3500, at Korea Automotive Technology Institute. The total delivery period for the whole system was only 21 days.

This was not the first time that GTS's products stepped out of the mainland China. In the past three years, GTS has entered the major international markets of wireless communication devices, such as Taiwan, United States and South Korea. We received high recognition from overseas customers.

RayZone 3500 is a CTIA-certified multi-probe measurement system with the smallest footprint, Its exterior dimensions are 3.6m×2.1m×3.7m, and can support full-band and multiple standards measurements for various devices.

The RayZone 3500 chamber was designed with independent intellectual patents, and all components, which may cause interference to the measurement, are installed out of the shielding enclosure. It ensures a pure electromagnetic measurement environment. In the system, the entire measurement paths use passive components only to avoid instability caused by active devices. The measurement antennas are arranged asymmetrically in the chamber, which reduces the interference between the antennas, thereby minimizes the system volume under the premise of meeting the certification requirements.

In addition, RayZone 3500 is based on the new RayTest patented algorithm, which improves the omnidirectional sensitivity(TIS) measurement efficiency by 3 to 5 times compared with the conventional method. It supports not only all the functions in the CTIA OTA measurement specification, but also the latest radiation two-stage(RTS) MIMO measurement method. At the same time, the GTS software team developed new measurement functions such as self-interference and fast full-band scanning based on this RayZone 3500 platform.