China Mobile Terminal Laboratory pioneered 5G multi-antenna

throughput performance evaluation system

Today, at the China Mobile Partner Conference, China Mobile Terminal Laboratory released the industry’s first 5G multi-antenna throughput performance evaluation system – “Yuheng System”, and it was published in the “China Mobile 2019 Smart Hardware Quality Report (Phase II”). )”, the rate performance evaluation results of different chips and terminals are shown in detail.

Shenzhen General Test System Co., Ltd. (General Test) is honored to participate in the darkroom environment guarantee work of this industry-focused evaluation test. The channel environment reproduction of the whole evaluation process is completed in the general test RayZone7000 MPAC dark room, which plays an important role in ensuring the scientific, fair and just evaluation of the whole evaluation work.

RayZone-7000 series is a high-precision low-scattering multi-probe MIMO OTA test system independently developed by Universal Test. The system adopts the Multi-Probe Anechoic Chamber (MPAC) method, based on the concept of anechoic boundary array, by arranging a loop antenna array around the DUT to simulate the spatial distribution of the angle of arrival of the signal, so as to place the DUT in an approximate distance from a complex multipath. The throughput measurement is performed in the near-field area of the field environment, so compared with the SISO test system, the MIMO test system puts forward higher requirements for the reflection level inside the darkroom.

This series of system shields are designed with a polygonal outer frame structure, and other radio frequency components that interfere with the measurement are installed outside the shield. At the same time, the MA-2800-RCS low-scattering loop antenna array is used to realize the physical simulation of the channel model, which ensures the test area. Pure electromagnetic environment, it is an ideal wireless terminal MIMO performance test system.

Facing the era of 5G revolution, general testing will be based on quality, with user experience as the core, and work with the industry chain to improve the quality of 5G terminals!