General Test Systems Inc. and Rohde & Schwarz Successfully Complete Wi-Fi 7 OTA Testing

General Test Systems Inc. (GTS) successfully integrated its self-developed RayZone® series multi-probe OTA testing system with Rohde & Schwarz's (R&S) latest R&S®CMX500 wireless communication tester recently. This innovative testing solution has successfully conducted OTA testing for IEEE 802.11be (Wi-Fi 7). Moreover, the solution is compatible with traditional Wi-Fi technologies, including Wi-Fi 6/6E, 802.11a, b, g, n, and ac.

Wi-Fi 7 OTA Test site

Wi-Fi 7 has quickly become popular due to its Extremely High Throughput (EHT) feature. It uses advanced technologies such as the 6GHz frequency band, 320MHz bandwidth, Multi Link Operation (MLO), and 4096 QAM modulation. Evaluating the RF performance of Wi-Fi 7 terminals is critical with these new features. The final product must meet standard specifications and regulatory requirements to ensure success. GTS's RayZone® series OTA testing system, in collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S®CMX500, effectively performs Wi-Fi 7 OTA testing.

GTS has introduced the RayZone® series, a multi-probe OTA testing system designed for frequencies between 400MHz and 12GHz. This

series can accommodate DUTs up to 2 meters in size and can conduct comprehensive passive, SISO, and MIMO tests for all wireless communication standards. The RayZone® series is powered by GTS’s proprietary software platforms, Libra and Phoenix, and supports a wide range of communication standards including 2G/3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS, NB-IoT, eMTC, Zigbee, LoRa, and UWB. Additionally, it offers flexible customization options to meet diverse testing needs, adapting to various scenarios, standards, and automation


The R&S®CMX500 provides comprehensive testing capabilities. It supports cellular technologies including LTE and the 5G FR1 frequency range up to 8 GHz, as well as the FR2 millimeter wave frequency range up to 50 GHz, suitable for the latest non-cellular technologies such as Wi-Fi 7 signaling tests. This device excels in frequency combination, enabling it to perform complex multi-carrier throughput tests, including the 3CC, 4x4 MIMO, and 256QAM/1024QAM required by 5G-A, all with just one unit. The CMX500's single-platform design supports both functional and RF testing, as well as various application and conformance tests. Its flexible and scalable hardware platform can be customized to meet the diverse needs of different customers.

Dicong Wu, Sales Director of RZ Product Line at GTS, expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing partnership with R&S in pioneering technology sectors.

'Building on our collaborative advancements in technologies such as 5G carrier aggregation and IoT NTN, we have now successfully integrated Wi-Fi 7 technology. This marks a significant step forward in our joint effort to provide comprehensive, one-stop solutions for our clients. Our holistic and efficient approach to product design not only shows a profound understanding of market needs but also underscores the synergy between our two companies in our technological trajectories. Looking to the future, we are confident that deeper collaboration in emerging fields like RedCap and NR-NTN will allow us to extend our technological reach and deliver even more exceptional products and services to our customers'.

Hailiang Jin, Senior Director of Product and Systems Department at R&S, commented on the collaboration:

'Working with GTS to complete the Wi-Fi 7 OTA testing solution was a delightful experience. Thanks to our mature and stable products, we

managed to integrate our systems in a very short time, showcasing our commitment to ultimate efficiency. I am also thrilled to see the outstanding performance of our latest testing platform, the CMX500, once again. We look forward to deepening our cooperation in more fields in the future, aiming for a win-win situation.'