Academician Qi Yihong, Chairman of General Test, was appointed as a part-time professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University

On March 5, Academician Qi Yihong, chairman of General Test, was hired as a part-time professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University.President WangShuguo issued an appointment letter to Academician Qi Yihong and wore the school badge. Shan Zhiwei, Vice President of Xi'an 

Jiaotong University, and Yu Wei and Dong Xiaopeng from General Test Systems Inc. Attended the appointment ceremony.

Academician Qi Yihong、Principal Wang Shuguo

At the ceremony, President Wang Shuguo welcomed Academician Qi Yihong’s joining. He said that Academician Qi Yihong, as an outstanding representative in the field of science and technology, will surely promote the further high-quality development of the school's academic strength and inject new vitality and international vision into talent training and scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, he also said that this appointment can deepen the in-depth cooperation between the school and alumni enterprises in the integration of industry and education and collaborative education, stimulate students' innovative thinking and practical ability, and cultivate more outstanding innovative talents in scientific research practice.

Academician Qi Yihong also said that he was very happy to become a part-time professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University. After being hired, he will give full play to his research expertise in electromagnetic fields and microwave technology, electromagnetic compatibility noise theory, antennas and system integration, and contribute to the school's discipline construction and joint efforts. Make your own contribution to development, talent training, etc., and jointly promote the development of industry-university-research cooperation to a higher level.

After the hiring ceremony, Academician Qi Yihong gave an academic report titled "Narrowing the Gap Between Theoretical Research and Real-world Practice for EM Engineering" to the teachers and students of the School of Information and Communication Engineering of Jiaotong University. After the report, the teachers and students of Xi´an Jiaotong University and Academician Qi Yihonghad a lively and in-depth interaction, which was highly praised by the teachers and students of Xi´anJ iaotong University.

Afterwards, Academician Qi Yihong visited the exhibition halls and laboratories of the School of Information and Communications Technology, and discussed in depth the follow-up postgraduate training and scientific research cooperation. During the exchange at the college, Director Li Yongdong of the Department of Telecommunications, Dean Wang Wenjie of the School of Information and Communications Technology, Secretary Zhang Anxue and relevant teachers participated.

This appointment ceremony and academic report will further deepen the cooperation between the school and enterprises. On the one hand, it will help the intersection and integration of school disciplines and improve the level of discipline construction. On the other hand, it will provide outstanding talents to enterprises and improve their competitiveness. At the same time, the school and enterprises jointly develop, jointly build R&D centers and experimental platforms, promote cutting-edge technology research and product development, and achieve a win-win situation for GTS and Xi´an Jiaotong University.

Introduction to Academician Qi Yihong

Qi Yihong is an academician of the U.S. National Academy of Inventors, an academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, an IEEE Fellow, a winner of the IEEE EMC Society Technical Achievement Award, a member of the founding team of BlackBerry mobile phone hardware, and the inventor of the modern smartphone antenna. An expert on antenna and radio frequency signal systems.

Academician Qi Yihong has long been engaged in basic research on radio signal transmission and noise mechanisms. His theoretical breakthrough research results are widely used in wireless low-noise transmitters, high-sensitivity receivers, high-performance connectors, antennas, wireless test systems and system integration. He has designed and invented the world's first smartphone that has no interference with hearing aids and a GPS terminal product with the highest total omnidirectional sensitivity in the world. The proposed RTS method is a contributor to the 3GPP 4G-LTE MIMO test method. The proposed TIS and TRP definitions were written into CTIA standard version 3.0 as a basic contribution.

Academician Qi Yihong has published more than 60 academic papers and written 2 monographs. He and his team have more than 500 domestic and foreign patents. Among them, the core technology is widely used in mobile terminals, creating tens of thousands of direct jobs around the world and benefiting a population of more than 3 billion.