General Test successfully delivered an RN200 mmWave integrated test system

With the rapid development of mobile communications, millimeter wave technology, as one of the key technologies of 5G, has become the focus of research and discussion among standards organizations and all parties in the industry chain. There is no doubt that testing for mmWave is also accelerating, and general-purpose testing is one of them.

Since its establishment, General Test has focused on a wide range of layouts and sought development in different environments, and the international market is a very important part of it.

Recently, General Testing's overseas branch successfully delivered a set of RN200 test system, which added another boost to the company's development!

Compression Point Test

This delivery helps customers complete phased array antenna module measurements, adds OTA P1dB test functions, and dynamically integrates customer DUT control to achieve high-efficiency, high-stability, and high-precision millimeter-wave phased array measurements.

Keytest RN200 OTA test system is mainly used in the transceiver performance test of 5G wireless terminals and millimeter-wave radars, and is an all-in-one millimeter-wave test system solution with small size, large quiet area and multiple functions.

Semi-Active Test (26GHz Theta Polarization)

The system integrates an arbitrary vector signal generator (VSG) and an arbitrary vector signal analyzer (VSA), which supports the functions of passive test, active test, spectrum test, S21 test, signal quality analysis and phased array rapid measurement, and can also expand the development of amplitude and phase calibration and target simulation functions of millimeter-wave radar/module. The integrated design improves the test accuracy of the whole test system, making the indicators of the whole system better than the traditional combination mode of box + instrument.

Weighing less than 100kg, the Keytest RN200 is compact and takes up little space, making it easy for engineers to debug and verify. At the same time, the instrument used by it is a universal instrument, which can realize the basic functions of spectrum, network division, and signal analyzer, and can meet the basic test needs of users under the premise of ensuring the system test index, reduce the redundancy function and cost of the existing instrument, and have high cost performance.

3D Pattern

In addition, the system's test functions can be flexibly configured. According to the test needs of different users, different test modes can be configured, and users can use passive, active, RF and other test functions alone, and multiple systems can be tested in parallel, and the test process is smooth and stable.

Semi-Active Test

The successful delivery of Keytest's RN200 mmWave integrated test system means that the products of the universal test have been further recognized by the international market. In the future, General Testing will continue to adhere to independent research and development and technological innovation to create value for customers, and continue to provide high-quality testing solutions for customers at home and abroad.