Focus on OTA Testing, Aim at Internet of Everything

Technical report | Principle and application of wireless air interface testing technology

OTA testing has become a standardized wireless performance evaluation method such as 3GPP ......
First GTS certified OTA chamber settled in South Korea

On June 19, 2016, General Test Systems completed the construction of the CTIA-certified OTA test chamber, RayZone 3500, at Korea......
General test: boosting the high-quality development of the private economy with technological innovation

The story of Qi Yihong's team's innovation and entrepreneurship.
GTS OTA test system RZ9000 C position debuted in Shenzhen Metrology Institute

Experience the charm of detection technology from zero distance.
Official Announcement | GTS Shanghai Branch was officially established

In March 2022, General Testing Shanghai Branch was officially established.
China Mobile Terminal Laboratory pioneered 5G multi-antenna throughput performance evaluation system

Today, at the China Mobile Partner Conference, China Mobile Terminal Laboratory released the industry's first 5G multi-antenna......
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