MaxSign Libra: Automated Measurement Control Software

Raytest automotive OTA test software Auto fully supports the GTS of complete vehicle OTA test systems, including RBWD5000, RBWD6500, RRB3000, RRB4500, RRB4500J and other series products, and has won the approval and favor of a large number of users.

# 01 Full test function

Supports 3GPP, CTIA and other international standard test methods and all measurement metrics, including antenna metrics such as directional map, gain and efficiency; RF metrics such as TRP, TIS, EIRP, EIS, Desense; and performance metrics such as MIMO throughput rate.

  • Angle-specific sensitivity in the horizontal direction
  • MIMO antenna correlation
  • Cross-polarization characteristics
  • Antenna efficiency
  • Total Omni-directional Sensitivity
  • 2D/3D radiation direction map
  • Equivalent Omni-directional Sensitivity
  • MIMO Throughput Rate
  • Gain
  • Directionality
  • Beamwidth
  • Total radiated power

Supports the main current wireless communication standards

  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G (NR FR1), Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax), (A)-GNSS (GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO)
  • IoT communication protocols, such as Bluetooth, Lora, Zigbee, Z-Wave, e-MTC, NB-IoT, UWB, etc.

Support common instruments and meters for OTA testing, including domestic and international mainstream spectrum meters, network analyzers, synthesizers, signal generators, etc., to complete signalling and non-signalling tests.

# 02 Fast testing

With the increase in test standards and test specifications, OTA test systems are taking longer and longer to operate, seriously affecting product commissioning time. At the same time, traditional MPAC technology can no longer meet the needs of 5G NR testing.

Libra has its own intellectual property rights in Raytest fast test technology. The technology enables fast TIS scanning and reduces SISO test time by 84%.

Libra has its own patented technology, Radiated Two Stage (RTS), which mechanically solves the efficiency problem of MPAC testing for 5G NR and reduces the MIMO throughput testing time by 69%.

# 03 Test process automation

A complete OTA test task contains a lot of content, and abnormalities are common during the test process, which often requires manual watch and frequent intervention, which is time-consuming and laborious.

Libra adopts a workflow concept to support batch test task scheduling. By setting flexible exception handling strategies (e.g. anti-dropout, breakpoint renewal, etc.), it enables unattended continuous operation, which greatly improves system utilisation and reduces operational costs.

To ensure correctness and accuracy, OTA test systems need to be calibrated periodically, Libra integrates automated calibration functions and supports mainstream instruments in the market, simplifying the system calibration process and reducing operational difficulties for users.

# 04 Test function customisation

OTA test software should have good system scalability and be able to respond flexibly and quickly to changing industry needs, such as testing methods, adjusting test specifications, changing test equipment, and even integrating with customers’ proprietary business systems.

With its modular design and scalable system architecture, Libra can quickly support new communication standards and test specifications, adapt to field instruments and complete integration with independent systems (e.g. OA, CRM, ERP, MES, etc.) while fully supporting standard methods and equipment, meeting the user’s needs for flexible customisation of test processes and creating value for the customer.

# 05 Diversification of results analysis

The OTA testing process is complex, generates large amounts of data and makes analysis of test results difficult. A comprehensive, fast and intelligent analysis aid is an indispensable aid for professionals.

Libra has designed comprehensive information recording and result analysis functions from the user’s perspective, supporting 3D testing, 2D testing with optional planes, single point testing, monitoring and recording of the entire testing process, as well as diverse report analysis, 2D and 3D arbitrary angle rotation browsing and cutting functions and other comprehensive data analysis, diagnosis and traceability functions, assisting R&D engineers to quickly analyse and diagnose problems.

# 06 High safety factor

Security is the lifeblood of industrial software. To cope with complex deployment environments and application scenarios and to protect customers’ business secrets and private information from theft and leakage, Libra provides multi-layered protection measures in both hardware and software.

  • Application and test data protection based on industrial-grade encryption locks: a hard locking authorisation scheme prohibits the opening of test software without a lock, enabling mandatory authorisation; based on high-strength shelling technology to prevent the intrusion of malicious applications and Trojan horses, ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of test programs; ensuring that test data can only be accessed in a controlled range to avoid information leakage.
  • Identity-based system authentication and 360° system audit log: add a user authentication system (optional) to the hard lock protection to prohibit illegal access to the system, strictly control the black and white list of soft operators for OTA testing, and execute a comprehensive behaviour log for authorised users to meet audit compliance. Supports integration with users’ internal systems (e.g. OA systems) to meet their internal control requirements.

# 07 Good user experience

Libra is a professional industrial grade OTA testing software, UX/UE adopts the design concept and interaction method of Internet program, combining the advantages of industrial software and domain software, combining the traditional and advanced, bringing users a new experience.

  • The Libra user interface is fresh and simple, the functions and features are well organised and the operating procedures are clear at a glance, providing the ultimate in comfort and productivity.
  • The Libra test configuration is clear, the performance is stable and the system is compatible, providing a smooth and reliable operating experience for users.

Libra test software fully supports the GTS multi-probe OTA test system, including RayZone® 1800, RayZone® 2800, RayZone® 8000, RayZone® 9000 and other series of products, and has been recognized and favored by a large number of users at home and abroad.

睿测无线通信 OTA 测试软件

睿测无线通信OTA自动化测控软件由通用测试基于.NET Framework 平台自主研发,完全遵循CTIA测量规范,并随规范的更新而实时升级。睿测无线通信OTA测试软件具有适用范围广、功能配置灵活、测试过程流畅、运行稳定可靠和软件UI简洁友好等突出特点,全面支持“研发—预认证—认证—产线抽查”等各阶段测试需求。

  • 支持三维测试、平面的二维测试及单点测试验证。
  • 测试原始数据和日志管理完善,测试过程固化不可更改、可追溯。
  • 批处理功能支持建立任务列表,实现无人值守的连续测试。
  • 软件内置丰富模板,预设参数设置充分考虑不同仪表及平台的特性,操作简易,有效避免误操作。
  • 三维数据显示软件提供方向图任意角度旋转浏览及切割功能,帮助研发工程师直观分析诊断问题。
  • 支持自由选择测试角度步长和测试配置。
  • 支持任意点测试数据的点击查看。
  • 支持丰富的测试过程防掉线、断点续连及异常提示
  • 设置,有效提升测量的可靠性和流畅性。