Keytest: Specially designed for the RN200 millimeter wave testing system

Keytest wireless OTA testing software is a millimeter-wave integrated testing software independently developed by GTS. It supports the performance testing of 5G wireless terminals and millimeter-wave radar transmission and reception. The Keytest software testing process is smooth, runs stably and reliably, and fully supports various testing requirements in different stages such as “research and development, pre-certification, certification, and production line spot check”.

01 Rich testing functions

  • The system supports functions such as passive testing, active testing, spectrum testing, S21 testing, and signal quality analysis.
  • It supports active non-signaling tests, including transmitter testing such as 3/4 spherical pattern testing, TRP testing, 3D beam scanning and spherical coverage testing, spectrum testing, and signal quality testing.
  • It also supports receiver testing, such as receiver power testing and receiver sensitivity testing.

Passive test

  • Passive

RF test

  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Network Analyzer
  • Time Domain Analyzer
  • RF Measurement

Active test

  • 3D EIRP Scan
  • EIRP
  • TRP
  • Spherical Coverage
  • Occupied Bandwidth
  • Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio
  • Spectrum Emission Mask
  • Frequency Error
  • Carrier Leakage
  • Error Vector Magnitude

02 Efficient testing process

  • Keytest has Raytest fast testing technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, which has fast testing speed and simple testing process.
  • The testing function is flexible and configurable, supporting multiple test mode configurations to meet different user testing requirements.
  • Keytest has rich functions and can automatically discover the RN200 millimeter-wave integrated machine. It supports one-key calibration and import of RF link loss.

03 Reliable system performance

  • Keytest software supports long time continuous testing, with stable and reliable results from multiple repetitions;
  • Keytest fully follows the full lifecycle management of software development and strictly controls software quality;
  • Strong capacity loading capability, supporting test data processing of 10 million levels, and supporting breakpoint renewal and re-testing in case of network abnormalities.

TRP Accuracy




Minimum accuracy of turntable rotation


04 Flexible system extension

  • It is possible to expand the functions of phased-array antenna amplitude and phase calibration, radar calibration, radar target simulation, etc.;
  • the underlying architecture is highly abstracted and easily adapted to hardware changes to meet the different needs of users for testing;
  • Keytest supports the monitoring and recording of the whole test process as well as diverse report analysis, supporting 2D, 3D, logs and other comprehensive data analysis, diagnosis and traceability functions.

05 Good user experience

  • Keytest adopts the design concept and interaction mode of Internet programs in UI/UE design, integrating the advantages of industrial software and domain software, and combining advanced and traditional elements to bring users a brand-new user experience.
  • The Keytest user interface is fresh and simple, with well-organized function features and clear operation processes, providing an extremely comfortable experience and improving production efficiency.
  • Keytest has clear testing configurations and simple operations, providing users with a smooth testing experience.

The keytest wireless OTA testing software is a testing software designed specifically for the RN200 millimeter-wave testing system. The software fully complies with the 3GPP measurement specifications and is synchronously upgraded with the specification updates, gaining recognition and favor from a large number of users.