Focus on OTA Testing, Aim at Internet of Everything


As a "little giant" enterprise certified by the state of wireless communications, GTS has been promoting the development of the national communications industry since its establishment.Not only provide high-quality products for China's wireless communication industry, but also participate in the industry's unified certification standards to promote the healthy development of wireless communication industry;The unremitting efforts in the past ten years have made GTS grow rapidly and become an enterprise appreciated by all walks of life.

Technical Achievements

International Standards
  • 3GPP MIMO OTA test international standard proposer and patent owner (Radiated Two-Stage, RTS method)
  • Proposer of CTIA MIMO OTA test standard
Domestic And Foreign Certification Standards
  • Provider of CTIA Certified Test Systems
  • China Mobile “Yuheng” 5G terminal test system integrator
Domestic Standards
  • One of the drafting units of China’s 4G LTE MIMO OTA test standard
  • One of the drafting and writing units of the Beidou terminal wireless test specification
Industry Certifications
  • 157 patents have been applied for, 87 of which have been authorized
  • 49 core journal articles