MaxSign Fast: OTA production line test

  • The MaxSign Fast industrial OTA test software is self-developed by GTS and is a solution for 5G(FR1) UE OTA production line test. Can test six devices in parallel, support 5G FR1, LET, WiFi (2.4g~5.8G),
  • Bluetooth, GPS and other standard tests, the results are accurate, the performance is stable, and user-defined tests are supported.

Powerful, real-time updates

  • Frequency range 600MHz-6GHz/7.2GHz (expandable)
  • Support a variety of instruments
  • Tests can be customized according to user needs
  • Friendly and easy-to-use interface, displaying test data in real time
  • Support multi-language switching
  • A complete log system, the details of parallel tests can be traced back, and the source of errors can be quickly located
  • Support Qualcomm, MTK (MT6833) 1 x 6 parallel test
  • Power and sensitivity tests of the following formats are supported: GSM , CDMA , WCDMA , TD-SCDMA , LTE , 5G FR1 , GNSS , Wi-Fi (2.4-5.8GHz)

Automated testing, efficient parallelism

  • When importing a new model DUT, it automatically finds all antenna locations for that device in as little as 20 minutes
  • Supports 6 DUTs for parallel testing
  • One-click device calibration
  • Press the physical close button to automatically start the test
  • Support system self-inspection, eliminating manual inspection

Accurate, stable and reliable results

  • Using the universal test patented radiation aperture approach plane scanning technology
  • Can run stably for a long time
  • Test results consistent with large darkroom TRP