Focus on OTA Testing, Aim at Internet of Everything

PinProbe M1-User Manual
Manufacture Series 3.79 MB 2023-08-11
Phased Array-User Manual
Phased Array 27.68 MB 2023-08-02
2021-A Millimeter Wave Dual-Lens Antenna for IoT-Based Smart Parking Radar System
Technical Papers 2.72 MB 2023-07-10
2020-Total Isotropic Sensitivity Measurement in Switched Beam Antenna Systems
Technical Papers 12.00 KB 2023-07-10
2020-Small Anechoic Chamber Design Method for On-Line and On-Site Passive Intermodulation Measurement
Technical Papers 2.60 MB 2023-07-10
2020-Short-Baseline High-Precision DGPS for Smart Snow Blower
Technical Papers 1.48 MB 2023-07-10
2020-Rugged Linear Array for IoT Applications
Technical Papers 3.28 MB 2023-07-10
2020-Review of the EMC Aspects of Internet of Things
Technical Papers 1.57 MB 2023-07-10
2020-Inverse Matrix Autosearch Technique for the RTS MIMO OTA Test
Technical Papers 982.82 KB 2023-07-10
2020-Calibration Loop Antenna for Multiple Probe Antenna Measurement System
Technical Papers 3.41 MB 2023-07-10
2020-A 60 GHz PCB Wideband Antenna-in-Package for 5G6G Applications
Technical Papers 1.68 MB 2023-07-10
2020-3-D Printing Conformal K-Band Lens Antenna for a Smart Parking Space Detection System
Technical Papers 3.51 MB 2023-07-10
2019-OTA Measurement for IoT Wireless Device Performance Evaluation Challenges and Solutions
Technical Papers 2.19 MB 2023-07-10
2019-Directional Antenna With Consistent H-Plane Dual-Band Beamwidth for Wi-Fi Applications
Technical Papers 2.63 MB 2023-07-10
2019-An RTS-Based Near-Field MIMO Measurement Solution—A Step Toward 5G
Technical Papers 2.31 MB 2023-07-10
2019-A Compact Wideband Slot-Loop Directional Antenna for Marine Communication Applications
Technical Papers 5.37 MB 2023-07-10
2018-The advantages of the RTS method in MIMO OTA measurements
Technical Papers 289.32 KB 2023-07-10
2018-Recent progress of radiated two stage method for MIMO OTA measurement
Technical Papers 183.81 KB 2023-07-10
2018-Objective Total Isotropic Sensitivity Measurement
Technical Papers 582.18 KB 2023-07-10
2018-Inverse Matrix Auto-Search Technique for the RTS MIMO OTA Test—Part II Validations
Technical Papers 1.24 MB 2023-07-10
2018-Horizontally Polarized Antenna for Calibration of a Multiple Probe Antennas Measurement System
Technical Papers 1.09 MB 2023-07-10
2018-Fast Method for OTA Performance Testing of Transmit–Receive Cofrequency Mobile Terminal
Technical Papers 1.16 MB 2023-07-10
2018-Fast method for EIS sweep test
Technical Papers 750.72 KB 2023-07-10
2018-Eliminating non-linear RSS reporting error in a radiated RSS-based TIS testing method
Technical Papers 636.82 KB 2023-07-10
2018-Design of wireless dual-energy dual-source versatile pediatric imaging system based on CMOS flat-panel detectors
Technical Papers 1.08 MB 2023-07-10
2018-A Measurement Method for Passive Intermodulation Chamber Performance Evaluation
Technical Papers 948.85 KB 2023-07-10
2018-A Decomposition Method for MIMO OTA Performance Evaluation
Technical Papers 1.53 MB 2023-07-10
2018-5G Over-the-Air Measurement Challenges Overview
Technical Papers 955.51 KB 2023-07-10
2017-Multiphysics Analysis of Millimeter-Wave Absorber with High-Power Handling Capability
Technical Papers 863.51 KB 2023-07-10
2017-Eliminating RSARP Reporting Errors in the RTS Method for MIMO OTA Test
Technical Papers 961.18 KB 2023-07-10
2017-Dual-Band Directional Slot Antenna for Wi-Fi Application
Technical Papers 1.44 MB 2023-07-10
2017-De-embedding method to accurately measure high-frequency impedance of an O-shape spring contact
Technical Papers 1.15 MB 2023-07-10
2017-An effective receiver sensitivity measurement
Technical Papers 617.18 KB 2023-07-10
2017-A planar low-profile meander antenna design for wireless terminal achieving low self-interference
Technical Papers 609.45 KB 2023-07-10
2017-A Planar Low-Profile Meander Antenna (PLMA) Design for Wireless Terminal Achieving Between Intrasystem EMC and Isolation in Multiantenna Systems
Technical Papers 1.73 MB 2023-07-10
2016-Unified Antenna Temperature
Technical Papers 1.06 MB 2023-07-10
2016-Several major methods for OTA performance testing of mobile terminal
Technical Papers 772.73 KB 2023-07-10
2016-Inverse Matrix Auto-Search Technique for the RTS MIMO OTA Test—Part 1 Theory
Technical Papers 1.14 MB 2023-07-10
2016 Fast and Accurate TIS Testing Method for Wireless User Equipment With RSS Reporting
Technical Papers 1.01 MB 2023-07-10
2014-Wideband Ceiling-Mount Omnidirectional Antenna for Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems
Technical Papers 828.50 KB 2023-07-10
2014-Radiated Two-Stage Method for LTE MIMO User Equipment Performance Evaluation
Technical Papers 3.47 MB 2023-07-10
2014-0.7–20-GHz Dual-Polarized Bilateral Tapered Slot Antenna for EMC Measurements
Technical Papers 653.41 KB 2023-07-10
Other Information 50.3MB 2023-06-05
RP1200/5000-User Manual
Phased Array 1.63 MB 2023-03-24
RayVerse2700-User Manual
Phased Array 2.75 MB 2022-12-12
RayVerse10KP-User Manual
Phased Array 1.94 MB 2022-12-12
RaySpirit8000-User Manual
Phased Array 2.39 MB 2022-12-12
DT14KT-User Manual
Phased Array 2.07 MB 2023-03-24
RZ9000V-User Manual
MPAC Series 4.27 MB 2023-08-02
Other Information 2.18 MB 2022-06-29
Products-User Manual
Other Information 52.16 MB 2023-08-02
RZ1800U-User Manual
CATR Series 3.63 MB 2022-06-29
Auto-User Manual
Technical Information 4.86 MB 2022-06-29
CATR Series 5.73 MB 2022-12-28
GTS Introduction
Other Information 32 MB 2022-06-20
RSP1900-User Manual
NFSeries 2 MB 2022-12-12
Dipole Antenna-User Manual
Antenna 2 MB 2022-06-29
Loop Antenna-User Manual
Antenna 8 MB 2022-06-29
PinProbe M6-User Manual
Manufacture Series 2 MB 2022-06-29
RC5000-User Manual
RC Series 7 MB 2022-06-29
RP600/1000-User Manual
CATR Series 1 MB 2022-12-12
RBW-User Manual
Automotive Series 7 MB 2022-06-29
RRB-User Manual
Automotive Series 10 MB 2022-06-29
Libra-User Manual
Technical Information 5 MB 2022-06-20
RC200-User Manual
RC Series 2 MB 2022-06-29
Absorber-Product Manual
Other Information 2 MB 2022-06-20
RC1100-User Manual
RC Series 4 MB 2022-06-29
RZ9000-User Manual
MPAC Series 4 MB 2023-08-02
RZ2800-User Manual
MPAC Series 5 MB 2023-08-02
RZ1800-User Manual
MPAC Series 2.74 MB 2023-08-02