MaxSign Browser: Unified Test Report Viewer

The MaxSign Browser data display software is independently developed by General Testing (GTS). It adopts advanced image processing technology to visually display the measurement results of all measurement software under GTS in multiple dimensions, which is convenient for professional technicians to conduct comprehensive data analysis.

Various measurement functions are supported:

  • Support to view the measurement report of the whole system software through the test
  • Support one-click drag-and-drop import of multiple reports
  • Support multi-table, 2D/3D data display in the form of graphs
  • Support multiple report files, data comparison under multiple conditions
  • Supports distinguishing and filtering report files by function type
  • Support high-performance data processing
  • Support continuous version incremental migration
  • Support dongle authorization
  • Support multi-language switching

Smooth 3D data processing

  • The 3D data processing capability includes three aspects, one is the powerful scientific computing capability, the other is the computing capability of massive data, and the third is the graphics processing capability of data visualization.
  • MaxSign Browser directly integrates Matlab’s matrix operation library, and at the same time carefully designs the result data model, so that it has the ability to efficiently handle massive data science calculations; on the other hand, MaxSign Browser uses Helix and DirectX12 graphics engines and has been deeply optimized for customers Renders detailed, precise, and beautiful 3D images.
  • Powerful computing power and reasonable model can ensure that the software runs quickly and smoothly, and this software directly inherits the advantages of this aspect from MATLAB. According to the selected frequency and antenna polarization, read the data information in the test report, calculate the 3D coordinate set in the form of an array, project it into the processing engine, and finally construct a vector image based on the 3D coordinate axis. At the same time, the software also has additional functions such as distortion-free scaling of 3D images, automatic or manual rotation in all directions, real-time display of 3D angles, and screenshots.

Rich 2D charts

  • MaxSign Browser provides a variety of 2D display diagrams, which can flexibly bind various data sources that support interfaces.
  • In this software, the data in the test report is displayed in the form of a line graph; 2D options include frequency, turntable section, and antenna polarization. According to the options, 2D line graphs with different colors and transparency are drawn, and highlighting is supported. Display; Move the mouse to highlight the data points on the same horizontal axis, and display the cursor panel, which visually displays the data point information; 2D charts can be panned and zoomed.
  • Supports custom graphics drawing and filtering conditions, as well as data point markers and mouse free points.

Data Post-processing

  • Support global normalization processing
  • Support Phi angle rotation to modify data deviation
  • One-click export of test report data

Good scalability and compatibility

  • MaxSign Browser supports the unified display of the result data of different test items, and is forward compatible with different types of test data, and also has the ability to expand to support new types of test data.