MaxSign Auto: Full Vehicle OTA Test


The software supports fully automated testing of the following passive/active measurement metrics:

  • MIMO Antenna Correlation
  • Gain
  • Directivity
  • Beamwidth
  • Cross Polar Level
  • Sidelobe Levels
  • Antenna Efficiency
  • Total Radiated Power 
  • Total Isotropic Sensitivity 
  • Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power 
  • Equivalent Isotropic Sensitivity 
  • Horizontal specific angle radiated power 
  • Horizontal Specific Angle Sensitivity 
  • 2D/3D radiation pattern/2D field intensity map, etc.

MaxSign Auto vehicle automation measurement and control software is independently developed by General Testing (GTS), providing a variety of measurement items:

  • Passive
  • Wi-Fi SISO
  • V2X
  • GNSS

Accurate sampling, stable and fast

In order to meet the sampling requirements of high-precision (>= 0.1 °) for vehicle measurement, the software designs a set of low-cost, high-efficiency persistent data models to ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement process and provide users with the most reliable Measurement. At the same time, in order to improve the system test speed and reduce the test cost, the system uses the fastest measurement algorithm to complete the test in the shortest time on the basis of ensuring the reliability of the results.

Changes near and far, showing richness

  • Independent research and development of near-far field conversion algorithm (through near-field measurement and far-field extrapolation to obtain the far-field pattern of the radiator);
  • User-friendly result data display interface, including 3D, 2D polar coordinates, 2D Cartesian coordinates, measurement data, raw data, test templates, etc.

Flexible and configurable, easy to operate

  • The software introduces a plug-in development model, the underlying architecture is highly abstract, and it is easy to adapt to hardware changes;
  • Can support a variety of instruments and match different templates, easy to operate, easy to use 54-template linkage and provide basic parameters, reducing the complexity of the system and convenient for users to use quickly;
  • Support custom task queue, which can realize unattended continuous testing;
  • The raw data and logs are well managed, and the measurement process is fully traceable.