Focus on OTA Testing, Aim at Internet of Everything

Shenzhen General Test System Co., Ltd.

General Test Systems Inc. (GTS), based in Shenzhen, is a company established in 2012. GTS has headquarters in Shenzhen and branch offices and research facilities in North America, Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai. As a company focused on the Internet of Things field, GTS specializes in comprehensive wireless performance testing throughout the entire lifecycle of wireless communication devices, radar systems, AIP chips and other related products, and provides end-to-end OTA testing solutions.

GTS creates value for customers via independent research and development with technological innovation. Under the leadership of Fellow Qi Yihong, GTS's R&D team has formed a full range of independent intellectual property rights covering software, RF components, materials, and testing systems, achieves breakthroughs in measurement theory and algorithms, creates innovations in many key technologies. The RTS method (patented technology invented by GTS) solves the challenge of MIMO wireless performance testing for 5G terminals and intelligent connected vehicles, which had been accepted by 3GPP international standard and CTIA wireless test standard; the industry's innovative PIM test method in a low-noise environment had also been accepted by IEEE standard.GTS has been participating in the drafting of many domestic wireless communication test standards, playing an impotant role in the development of industry standard.

GTS provides a full range of wireless performance testing software and hardware systems, covering various testing requirements such as international certification/network testing, pre-certification testing, rapid development testing, and production line testing. GTS posesses leading technological advantages in areas such as mobile communication terminals, intelligent connected vehicles, aviation, radar, and antenna testing.

GTS has been honored with several prestigious titles, including being recognized as a national-level key "Little Giant" enterprise in specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative fields, a national high-tech enterprise, and a software enterprise. GTS provides secure and comprehensive product solutions to well-known domestic and international companies in various industries such as mobile terminals, wireless communication chips, testing organizations, aviation, smart homes, and automotive sectors. GTS is a partner worthy of customer trust and cooperation.